XIO - Xagent IO- cryptocurrency service project

ICO will be started from 2021/09/01 09:00 (JST).
We are accepting pre-participation.









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What's New

It is the news that can check the progress of this project.


We have decided to rename this project "VUILÐER LAND". A white paper and websites that updated will be published soon.


We will change the name of XIO(Xagent) and rebrand it. We will release a new announcement in June-July, so please wait for a while.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but postpone the launch of the sale to 2021/9/1 to the correcting the white paper ,and final test and adopting ERC865.


We published White Paper in English(v2.1).


We published White Paper in Japanese(v2.1).


Because of ”adopting ERC1538” and ”prepare to crowdsale”, I changed the start date of ICO to 2019/07/01.

What We Do

The world "play with funds instead of charge"

The era of "charge and playing" is over. Let's play with funds easily and safely. We offer innovative customized tokens and dedicated APIs to make the world's easiest and safest transfer in the world. Also, we plan to offer games and community applications that make maximum use of these.


The services we develop include their own wallets. We create wallets that can manage not only your own currency, but also other ERC20 tokens, Ethereum, BitCoin, Ripple, etc.
We will also use PWA features to develop without relying on native apps. As we are small projects, this can also reduce development costs.


XIO is very sympathized with Ethereum's specification, but I feel that having ETH for the remittance fee is very troublesome. XIO develops an API (Xagent) to bear the ETH used as a commission instead of collecting taxes from the remitted token. Ultimately we are aiming to completely graduate from Ethereum.


We (all people) have to escape the exodus problem from exchanges.
However many sad things have happened due to the use of hot wallets on exchanges. We are preparing to develop a service (Xchange) that performs safe management only with cold wallet and block chain without going through exchanges. (But whether we are listed or not is a different story)

Livechat broadcast apps

A livechat application etc. that can be linked to the point system will fit closely with the API for transfer that we offer.
Using cryptocurrency allows you to make efficient throws, and we should be able to distribute rewards to distributors smoothly and at a large rate.

Fit to systems as payment plugins

Not only Casinos, Our payment system can fit very easily to various existing systems. We aim to become the world's most easy-to-use encryption currency and design beautiful collaboration between Smart Contract and API. This will make it easier for you to enjoy shopping, games and profit in various ways.

Coping with the law of Japan

"XIO coin" does not fall under the "virtual currency" regulated by Japanese law because it can only trade between specific addresses associated with the service at the initial stage.
However, if this situation changes due to updating of the block chain, we will choose whether to apply for a public agency or consign it to another service.

blockchain casino

We have a wallet app that can generate an account.
First, you install the wallet app on your smartphone and send Ether from the exchange to the wallet app.
With just these steps, you will be able to play our casino!
You can win XIO coins by winning in the casino.
If XIO COIN is listed on any exchange, you will gain wealth.
Of course, this casino is not on the server but on the blockchain (in the absence of the operator), so it will be not restricted by the country.

the flow of playing

①getting Ether(ETH).
②beting from your wallet.
③winning and getting XIOCOIN(XIO).
④changing XIOCOIN to Ether.
⑤changing Ether to JPY.

About Us

We are small team.

The XIO project is a very small team, but is looking for ambitious members who will continue to work as a sideline.
All you need is "Enthusiasm to work hard on free time."
The rewards are all success rewards, so they need to be a sideline for you, but they will be equally paid depending on the amount of activity, so you can get the same reward as the CEO. Let's boost the casino industry with me!

The current open positions are
・ Japanese front end engineers
・ Ambassadors(public relations) who can use Japanese, or both Japanese and English

If you are interested, please contact telegram .

core members introduction

Author image
Hiroshi Nakashima Founder, Web&Server Engineer, designer

After studying clothes and graphic design at Bunka Fashion College, I worked at a design company or a web based venture company. He turned to a web engineer in 2015 by the company ,and worked as a full stack engineer and system administrator. I met block chain in 2018 and started programming Ethereum tokens on my own. And started "XIO project" as a side job.

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